Travel & Accommodation


You can book your stay at the guesthouse located within the beautiful campus of Rajarata University, surrounded by forests and ancient monuments. See here for more information about the Rajarata University guesthouse. If you need more help with booking guesthouse at Rajarata University please contact Ranjan on +94 7 7941 1287. Please note that booking your stay at the guesthouse is subject to availability.

Air travel

Bandaranaike International Airport also known as Colombo International Airport is the main international airport serving in Sri Lanka. The airport is located at Katunayake in Western Province of Sri Lanka. Bandaranaike International Airport receives daily flights from America, Europe, Asia, Middle east, Africa and Asia Pacific. Please visit the Airport and Aviation Services Sri Lanka website for more information about the airport.

Ground Transportation

The Faculty of Applied Sciences of Rajarata University of Sri Lanka is situated in the town of Mihintale in North Central Province and is approximately 188 kilometers from the Bandaranaike International Airport.

Public transportation

For long distance travel, the most convenient mode of public transportation in Sri Lanka is the train service. However, train services are not directly linked with the airport. The closest major railway station to the airport is Colombo Fort railway station. You can arrive to Colombo Fort railway station from the airport by using bus or taxi services.

To plan your route by train, visit the Sri Lanka Railways link for train schedules and information. To arrive at Rajarata University in Mihintale using train service you can take the train to Anuradhapura from Colombo Fort railway station. From Anuradhapura you can use the bus or taxi service to arrive at the Rajarata University in Mihintale, in under 30 minutes.   

Car rental

On site car rental facilities are available at the airport. Many car rental companies provide drives on request as well. Some well-known car rental companies in Sri Lanka include SS Cab Services, RTT group and Malkey Rent-a-car.

Warning: driving in Sri Lanka can be very exhausting as roads are often busy and congested.


In Sri Lanka using a taxi is a convenient alternative to public transportation especially, travelling within busy towns. Three-wheelers (tuks) are widely available throughout Sri Lanka and you can easily hire one anywhere in the country without prior booking. Online transportation networks such as Uber and Pickme are available in Sri Lanka. However, they are not available in all parts of the country.